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These are pictures of the schools LFT has built and the places they visited.

The top pictures show kindergartens in Ladakh (North of India, in the region of Kashmir). The Trust aims to build 30 kindergartens in order to provide a safe place for very small children to begin their education whilst parents go to work in the fields. The photographs below show the village school built in Paravour, a town populated by low caste people known as “Dalits”, and where children have never received a proper education. The final two pictures show the Sakya Nuns Association in Choglampsa, Leh, Ladakh, a small Buddhist Nunnery for 30 students in a remote area of the region.

Our goal now is to further the development of these schools, by providing an adequate range of learning tools for the children attending classes there.


Distributing stationery and school equipment

Passport For Education has teamed up with the Lotus Flower Trust, a charity which funds the building of sustainable schools, homes and skills centres for disadvantaged children and women in India. The Trust’s constructions are built to eco-friendly designs by local labourers using materials sourced nearby. Earthquake-proof foundations are often needed, especially in the Himalayan regions.


We would like to provide a range of stationery and school equipment to help educate the many children using these projects. Access to sufficient material and stationery leads to success at school which is especially needed in these remote regions where it is difficult to break the cycle of poverty. If you decide to donate, Passport For Education will be able to purchase, with the help of LFT,  the following goods for the Trust’s remote schools:

Pencils - 1 Box with 10 pencils =   0.40€ / 0.47$ / 0.36£

Erasers - 1 Box with 20 erasers = 0.46€ / 0.55$ / 0.42£

Wax Crayons - 1 Box with 12 crayons =  0.13€ / 0.15$ / 0.12£

Plastic Crayons - 1 Box with 12 crayons = 0.26€ / 0.31$ / 0.24£

Pencil Sharpener =  0.07€ / 0.08$ / 0.06£ per sharpener 

Uniform = 5.70€ / 6.70$ / 5.00 £

To give you a brief idea, by donating 5€, you will help us provide 125 pencils, 217 erasers, or 71 pencil sharpeners, for example. 


Trustees from LFT who work in India will also personally distribute the different learning tools across the regions.


If you would like to help destitute Indian children we would be very grateful if you could participate by donating.

© Pictures from : Lotus Flower Trust, http://www.lotusflowertrust.org